Shareware tends to combine the worst of commercial software with the worst of free software.

- Linus Torvalds

Sterling Energy Group Chooses ITG as their IT Department

Last month, Sterling Energy Group, Inc., a holding company that locates and acquires coal fired power facilities that are being phased out due to environmental concerns in order to retrofit them with technologies that will  make a difference in the environment while preserving coal as a viable fuel option has partnered with Indiana Technologies Group LLC to provide their IT department.


The onboarding process alone resulted in many issues being discovered and resolved, and the employee time savings already counted by the hour, not the minute, every day. Regular maintenance has left their computers running even better, resulting in more savings, and better security practices will continue to keep them in such a condition. Additionally, as a company that is quickly growing, SEG can be assured that the technology decisions that are made  will limit the growing pains and foster growth and efficiency.


ITG would like to congratulate Sterling Energy Group on their recent successes and will work diligently to ensure even greater successes will be realized in the future.  Welcome aboard!

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