Think? Why think?!? We have computers to do that for us.

- Jean Rostand

Onsite Tech Support

When an on-site visit is required, we can dispatch a tech that meets your needs with fast response times, quality service, and efficiency. Technical support is the basis of any IT company, and when something goes wrong, we can get you up and running as quickly as possible, minimizing employee downtime.

To avoid unnecessary visits and the associated costs, our skilled help desk technicians can also remotely troubleshoot and solve many of your problems withou having to wait for an on-site tech, or reducing the amount of troubleshooting that needs to be on-site.

Our technical specialists are ready to handle your:

  • Computer Issues
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Network Equipment Installs
  • Spyware, Virus, and Malware Infections
  • Network and Internet Issues and Outages
  • Printer Issues and Installs
  • Server Issues
  • Hardware and Software Roll-outs

Centrally located in Valparaiso, IN and with techs all across the Great Lakes region, we service the onsite needs of wide area, including Northwest Indiana, Chicago, Michiana, and Southwest Michigan. Also, with access to a nationwide network of techs and partners, we service our clients’ remote offices and users all over the country!

Please give ITG a call at 219-649-1484 for help with your problem today!