“My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.”

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ITG Business Continuity – Better Backups

Don’t Let a Server Failure Shut Down Your Business

ITG Business Continuity solutions protect your business from the exorbitant costs of downtime by allowing fast and complete recovery of downed or destroyed servers and critical workstations. Server outages can be caused by hardware failures, security breaches, ransomware, and human error, and natural disasters.

Our solutions rely on advanced backup and disaster recovery technologies to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum, performing image-based backups of the server up to several times per hour, and when there’s a problem, we can launch these images virtually in minutes to resume normal operations until the bigger issues are resolved. ITG Businesses Continuity will help your business avoid the lost revenue, wasted labor, missed commitments, and lawsuits that often result from extended periods of downtime.

Including a local BDR appliance and off-site replication to the cloud, ITG’s Business Continuity solutions provide multiple recovery techniques that can help your business stay productive in the face of downtime.


Our business continuity solutions

Backup Data Multiple Times per Hour, Every Day

Not even the most conscientious computer users save their work as consistently and thoroughly as our business continuity solution.

Gets You Back to Business — Fast!

Servers crash, networks fail … it’s going to happen. But with our virtual server engaged and deployed, locally or in the cloud, we’ll have your systems up and running again in mere minutes.

Complies with Laws and Government Regulations

Violating government rules for protecting sensitive records at the federal level (such as HIPAA, HITECH, CJIS, or Sarbanes-Oxley) as well as state or local jurisdictions can bring severe consequences. Our business continuity solution goes a long way toward helping you maintain compliance.

Recover Vital Email

Everyone’s done it — deleted or lost an email containing critical information. Take advantage of our email recovery feature for Microsoft Exchange Servers and recover that important message from days or even months ago.

Keeps Data Safe When Major Disaster Strikes

Fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, theft… devastating damage to your physical location is always possible. Even if the worst happens, our remote SAS70 Type II and HIPAA-compliant data centers will have your data and records safely housed so you can resume operations.

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